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Concrete Masonry Designer's Handbook

J. J. Roberts , Alan Tovey, and Anton Fried

A second edition of a well-known and respected book, Concrete Masonry Designer's Handbook provides a thorough guide for structural engineers on the use of concrete masonry. It is the only handbook to provide information on all the new CEN TC125 masonry standards, as well as detailed guidance on design to Eurocode 6. Throughout the book, detailed design examples are provided which will enable the designer to develop an understanding of the correct design approach. At key points in the book, table and design charts are provided to further facilitate the design process. Sign up for our Spon Press bulletins at www.sponpress.com

Introduction. Principles of Limit State Design. Materials. Types of Block and Brick. Types of Wall. Stability, Robustness and Overall Layout. Walls Under Vertical Load. Lateral Loading on Plain and Bed-joint Reinforced Masonry. Reinforced Masonry. Concentrated Loads. Composite Action. The Thermal Performance of Masonry Walls. The Resistance of Concrete Masonry Walls to Rain Penetration. Sound Insulation. Fire Resistance. Movement in Masonry. Specification and Workmanship. Blemishes, Faults and Problems. European Standards for Masonry Products. Design in Accordance with Eurocode 6.

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