Workshop: Unreinforced masonry design to Eurocode 6





Professor John Roberts, Technical Innovation Consultancy

Peter Watt, Charlwood Partnership Limited




Session Typically 3.5 Hours



1.  Introduction                                                                        


2.  EC6 organisation and concepts                                          


3.  Safety factors and characteristic strength values                 


4.  Design of compression members                                        


     -   3 point eccentricity member

     -   Determining slenderness and effective thickness

     -   Calculating loads, moments and effective eccentricities

     -   Verifying design load capacity

     -   Arching members                                                           


5.  Design for concentrated loads at bearings                          




6.  Design of laterally loaded unreinforced wall panels           


     -  Flexural capacity approach

     -  Panel limiting dimensions 


7.  Tutorial on compression design                                          



8.    Final discussion






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