Modern Design of Low-rise Domestic Buildings


This course has been developed in association with The Concrete Centre.


Course Description


There is an ongoing demand for new housing in the UK and masonry remains the predominant method of house construction. There are many challenges to be faced in providing new houses including the shortage of good quality building land and the environmental issues that need to be addressed. Many of the technical requirements for the design of masonry dwellings were revised in 2005 or will be the subject of revision in 2006. These changes result from enhancements required in performance, the introduction of European codes and standards, and the results of research into the behaviour of masonry.


This course provides the latest information relating to the Building Regulations, Codes and Standards as they affect the modern design of low rise masonry houses. It covers the use of basements as a way of ensuring the better utilisation of land and improving the use of sites with difficult ground conditions. The most recent changes to the Building Regulations are reviewed as are the changes to BS 5628 Parts 1,2 & 3. Eurocode 6 is introduced and innovations in dwelling construction considered.


The topics covered include:


  • Latest revisions to the Building Regulations
  • Design of masonry to meet the requirements for accidental damage
  • Approved Document for Basements and the 2006 updates.
  • The updates to BS 5628 Parts 1, 2 & 3.
  • Eurocode 6
  • The new standards for masonry materials and ancillary components
  • Foundation options
  • Flooring options
  • Innovative developments



The course will benefit engineers and other construction professionals engaged in the design and construction of houses and will provide them with a greater understanding of the various technical changes that have recently occurred.


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