Design of Reinforced Masonry to BS EN 1996

The reinforcement of masonry is not a new concept and in the 18th Century external iron straps were commonly used in stonework. Sir Marc Brunel used reinforced brickwork in the construction of two caissons, one on either side of the River Thames for the Wapping-Rotherhithe Tunnel. Brunel was so impressed by the performance of reinforced masonry that he carried out tests on reinforced beams and cantilevers. At the turn of the 20th Century a number of adventurous reinforced brickwork buildings were built by a French structural engineer, Paul Cottancin. Today reinforced masonry is widely used in retaining walls, for improving structural performance locally within a building and for enhancing the lateral load resistance of walls.


Intended for Engineers involved in the design and construction of reinforced masonry.

Course Description

This half day workshop is a stand alone updating event for those requiring more detailed knowledge of reinforced masonry.The workshop will allow more detailed consideration of the design of Reinforced Masonry and cover the following topics:

● Types of reinforced masonry construction.

The requirements of BS EN 1996.

Load cases. Material properties. Basis of design. Design for bending.Shear resistance. Design of elements subjected to a combination of vertical loading and bending. Short and slender columns and walls. Axial loading.Detailing. Durability.

● Enhancing lateral load performance

Practical aspects of construction.

Design Examples. 

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